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Safety projection frames

Safety crossbar (external dimensions: 18x60 mm) with safety bolts operated by a nylon mechanism with anodized aluminum lever.

Option for Spocal Light and Stark LL projection frames.

For more informations: security crossbar


Published: 2019-08-02

Projection frames for aluminium box

Aluminium projection frames suitable for external aluminum shutter boxes both fixed to the exterior of the building façade or into the window opening.

Thanks to this system you can regulate the amount of light, heat and fresh air into the room at your preference even when the rolling shutter is lowered down....

Published: 2018-09-16

EASY LINE - Perfect for electric rolling shutters

Our projection frames are perfect for electric rolling shutters. 

EASY LINE Optional ensures the perfect lowering and raising of the shutter curtain when the projection frame is completely open outward. 

Since you don't have to close the frame before starting the motor or handling the strap, there is no...

Published: 2018-08-16