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Since 1982 ... Over 30 Years of Experience

S.L.P. has been present on the market since 1982, specializing in the manufacturing of aluminum projection frames for rolling shutters.

These are supplied assembled, (custom-made, ready to be installed in the window frame), semi-assembled (solution for retailers - continued warehouse stocks) or in individual components (arms, hinges, etc.).

Our company operates through a network of dealers with distribution around the country and abroad.


A bit of history ...

S.L.P. was founded in 1982 by Tei Rivo to produce guides and projection frames for rolling shutters.
The proximity to the sea and the problem of salt corroding galvanized iron frames, has pushed the company, from its earliest days, to produce more durable projection frames.
The real qualitative leap of the company took place in 1994, when Tei Rivo designed the SPOCAL, a projection frame in aluminium, robust, and studied in detail to endure wear and tear without blocking and oxidizing.
The heart of this invention lies in the composition of the ARMS, that are 100 % aluminum with thermoplastic seals and axle boxes on the joints to avoid wear and tear of the arms (see patented system). 
Over the years, the functional and aesthetic aspect of the product has been perfected with new models adaptable to different market situations.