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SLP Spocal telai a sporgere per tapparelle
SLP Spocal telai a sporgere per tapparelle

Lateral Lever galvanized or stainless steel projection frames are recommended for windows  up to 1400 mm in width.
Beyond this measurement, up to a maximum of 3000 mm, we recommend the central lever model which includes a rod and a handle installed on the window sill. A double handle will be installed on projection frames from 2300 to 3000 mm in width, unless otherwise indicated.
Projection frames LL have arms with snap knobs like those ones of the Aluec model (arms length: 540 mm). On request, these frames can be supplied with traditional arms with spring-loaded closure (arms length:  570 or 470 mm).
Galvanized iron projection frames LC are produced without welding between arms and rod: they are connected by a nylon axle box to avoid damaging the galvanization of various components.
On request, they are made with the traditional arms welded to the rod.
Only 570 mm arms are available for stainless steel models.

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